What is DigiLocker and How it works ?

DigiLocker (or digital locker) is latest initiative by Ministry of Communications & IT, Government of India. DigiLocker will provides a personal storage space of 1GB (yes 1GB) for resident Indian citizens to store personal documents like Voter ID, Adhaar Card, Driving License or any scanned copy of your legacy documents. These documents can be signed & certify electronically using eSign facility Which is provided in GigiLocker.

What are the important components and How does DigiLocker works ?
  1. Dashboard: Dashboard is the home page after login and you can view summary of all your documents.
  2. Issued documents: here you can check link of your documents of certificate which is issued by the Government.
  3. Uploaded documents: here you see all documents or certificates which is uploaded by you. further you can update document type, apply esign and share your uploaded documents.
  4. shared documents: here you can check the list of all your shared documents to others (via email).
  5. Activity: Log of all activity like when you shared a documents, uploaded, downloaded or esign.
  6. Issuer: List of department and agencies that are registered on digital locker as issuer. if these department have issued you any document/certificate that will appear here as a URL (LINK).
 What are the benefits of using DigiLocker ?
This cocept by the Government of India is aimed to achieve paperless governance. Citizens can avail following benefits.
  • This concept is convenient and time saving as people can access their gidital document anywhere anytime and also can share it online.
  • Minimizing the usage of paper which reduces the administrative overhead of Government of departments.
  • Easy to validate authorization of documents as all documents/certificates are issued by  registered by issuer.
  • Documents are self-attestation as documents are esigned by the user or citizens.
Click here to visit official webpage.

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