How to disable windows 10 updates

Lots of user feels that windows update are really annoying. but these automatic updates  from Microsoft are very important for your device to keep it work safe and smooth. so it is advised that do not keep windows updated turned off.

here are few tips to stop or disable Windows update permanently.

  • Change your WiFi Setting

  1. Search in the start menu for “Change Wi-Fi settings”
  2. Click Advanced Options.
  3. Enable the toggle under “Metered connection.”
WiFi Setting

  • Disable from Services.
  1. Search in the start menu for Services.msc
  2. find Windows Update services and double click on this service.
  3. In the Windows Update Properties, select ‘Disabled’ in the Startup type list box.

  • Using local group policy editor.
  1. search for edit group policy from your search bar.
  2. In the Group Policy Editor, go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update.
  3. Now click on the setting which you want to change and configure it according to your needs.

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